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Medication Update

Shiregreen Medical Centre is in a continuous process of reviewing its prescribing in accordance with local and national guidelines, and cost-effective prescribing.

As a part of this process some of the items on your repeat prescription may be changed. This is not a change in your medication but a brand/generic switch or a formulation (such as capsules/tablets etc).

This will not affect the care provided by your GP or the condition that is being treated.

We would like to reassure you that most people will not notice any difference in symptom control by making these changes. However, if you do have any questions or concerns please contact the surgery to discuss with a doctor or nurse or alternatively you can talk to your community pharmacist.

Medications currently being reviewed:

Tiotropium (Spiriva) 18mcg capsules in a handihaler device changed to Braltus 10mcg inhalation capsules in a Zonda inhaler device.

You will continue to inhale the contents of ONE capsule DAILY as before. Finish your supply of current medication first to avoid medication wastage and discard all old hadilhalers once you start using the new inhaler device. You wil lreceive a new device and capsules with each prescription. Do not use both together.

Pregablin (Lyrica) changed to Alzain capsules of the SAME doseage
The usual dose is take ONE capsule TWICE DAILY swallowed whole with water.

Finish your supply of current medication to avoid wastage and read the patient information leaflet provided with your medication.

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