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PRESS RELEASE - 3 February 2020 - Sheffield women reminded to take up breast screening appointments

Women in the Shiregreen area of Sheffield are being reminded by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals to attend their breast screening appointments as eligible women in this area, who are registered with a GP Practice, have been sent appointments.

Each month, more than 5,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer, which is one of the most common cancers in the world. Each year in the UK alone there are more than 55,000 new cases and the disease claims the lives of 11,500 women. Screening appointments help to spot potential issues early by using an X-ray test, called a mammogram, which can spot cancers when they’re too small to see and feel.

Breast screening is currently offered to women on a three yearly basis between the ages of 50 to their 71st birthday in England. In some areas there is also a trial which is looking at how effective it is to offer women one extra screen between the ages of 47 and 49 and one between the ages of 71 and 73. The appointment letter will detail the time, date and location and appointments can be arranged by calling 0114 271 1920.

Joanne Lay, Sheffield Breast Imaging Manager, said: “Breast screening aims to find breast cancers early. It uses an X-ray test called a mammogram that can spot cancers when they’re too small to see or feel. Around 1 in 8 women in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime and if it’s detected at an early stage treatment options and chances of a full recovery are greater. Mammograms are taken by female radiographers and the appointment usually takes no longer than 20 minutes.”

Women over the age of 70 are not automatically invited for screening but are encouraged to continue to attend routine three-yearly screening by contacting their local breast unit.

It’s important for anyone worried about any suspicious symptoms of breast cancer, regardless of age or gender, to arrange a check-up with their local GP. Signs and symptoms could include, discharge from either of your nipples, a lump or swelling in either of your armpits, dimpling on the skin of your breasts, a rash on or around your nipple, a change in the appearance of your nipple. Knowing what is normal for you will help you notice any changes in your breasts.

For more information click here

Melrose Patient Survey - Surgery Opening Hours

Shiregreen Medical Centre runs services from two sites, our main site, and our branch site Melrose Surgery.

Due to changes in staffing our Melrose Surgery site has been open on reduced hours since July 2018, Monday to Friday 8.30am – 12.30pm. Telephone calls after 12.30 have been redirected to our main site so patients have not experienced any reduced phone access. All our patients have still been able to access our main site as normal including our extended hours.

We are always looking at ways to make sure we offer a service that is safe and effective for all our patients, but we can only continue to do this by making the best use of our services. We believe to do this we need to continue with the opening hours at Melrose Surgery on a permanent basis.

We want to ask our patients what they think about this and what impact it may have on them, so we would be very grateful if you could complete the survey available to help us make the best decisions for our practice and patients.

Please ask at reception for a survey to complete, please return all completed forms to the receptionist. Thank you

Friends and Family Test

The Friends and Family Test (FFT) is an important feedback tool that supports the fundamental principle that people who use the services should have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience. From 1st December GP practices must give this opportunity to every patient to feed back through FFT.

It asks people if they would recommend the services they have used and offers a range of responses. When combined with supplementary follow-up questions the FFT provides a mechanism to highlight both the good and poor patient experience. This kind of feedback is vital in transforming NHS services and supporting patient choice.

The feedback gathered through the FFT is being used in NHS organisations across the country to stimulate local improvement and empower staff to carry out the sorts of changes that make a real difference to patients and their care.

The results of the FFT are published at monthly intervals on both NHS England and NHS Choices websites.

Patients will be offered the opportunity to complete a paper feedback form or complete the online test under Have Your Say, Friends and Family Test, please find this above under feedback.

Diabetic Patients

As per the Sheffield formulary update, TEE2 meters (and test strips) are now the first line choice for all type 2 diabetic patients; it is only for those patients who need to self monitor their blood glucose as per specific medical advice.

You can discuss this with the practice Pharmacist or Nurse if more information is needed.

Always attend your routine diabetic review with the Practice Nurse or GP.

Always dispose of sharps safely.

Medication Update

from Monday 10th August 2020, patients will no longer be able to order prescriptions via the telephone. You can order your prescriptions in the following ways :-

- Patient Access, please contact reception for details
- via your pharmacy, please speak to your pharmacist to see if they offer this service
- order at the surgery by putting your written request in the prescription order box, located in the foyer

We have created a new section to our website, available under ‘prescriptions’, where we will advise you of medication related updates or information. I hope you find this new section helpful.

Patient Participation Group - Recruiting New Members!

We are looking to recruit new members to our patient participation group, which meets on a quarterly basis. We would like members from a variety of backgrounds to help make the group representative of our practice population. We really value input from our patients to help us improve the service we provide.

We have also set up an email group with the aim of collecting feedback from a wider group of patients.

Please contact Rachel Kershaw, our PPG Coordinator or fill in the online form (on the ‘Patient Participation Group’ section of this website) to register your interest for either of these groups. Please specify which group (or if both) you wish to join.

An update about our Improved Family Planning Services

Chlamydia Screening, including postal tests available free.

Implanon (contraceptive implants) – now available from Dr Berry; please book an appointment first to discuss this fully.

Condoms distribution scheme – condoms are available from any of the clinical team

Emergency Contraception – within 72 hours. Do try to phone the surgery before 10:30, and ask the morning clinical team for details of how we can help.